My iPad 2018 Hopes

I really want to buy a new iPad this year. I hope to use it for design and writing work specifically. I am really hoping Apple includes a few of my request below for the 2018 revamp.


A larger bezelless iPad. I think a 13 inch screen is an ideal screen size for me. This year I am looking for a larger iPhone and a larger iPad.

VR/AR Camera

I would forgo dual VR/AR cameras on an iPad if they show up on an iPhone, however I need this new iPad to really become my touch screen MacBookPro.


I will be really sad to see the touch ID go away on all the new Apple iDevices I’m actually really quite used to using touch ID. Being an owner of an Apple Watch, I like the convenience of walking up to my Mac and having it unlock itself because of my Apple Watch. Not having to bring the iPad up to my face to unlock I think is important.


Right now blogging with an iPad Air 2 I feel a bit limited by the keyboard. Voice dictation works, but I am not used to narrating my ideas. So I am sticking with my request for a larger screen, and more importantly Pencil support. I have yet to use Apple Pencil for work. I am not sure what the experience is like, or the shortcomings of trying to find the Pencil when you need it. But sketching is something I do a lot. My present workflow is paper, scanner, then digitize and I would love to update my workflow.

[August 2018 Update]

It was nice to delay posting so that I could get my hands on using an iPad Pro and iPad Education (6th Generation) with Apple pencil. Pencil is all that is is cracked up to be. The make or break factor for using Pencil is an app that sufficiently supports what you would usually do with a pencil on paper, “infinite” scroll for when you are writing, and a textured screen. I have yet to try “screen protectors” that are textured to support Apple Pencil. Nonetheless, I can tell you that someone who uses fountain pens because ballpoint pens are too “smooth” (read hard to control) when writing, the Apple Pencil will hurt your hand after many minutes of writing. Some resistance is needed to not strain you hand. I would give Apple Pencil a 80-90% satisfaction rating for replacing a pencil/pen and paper workflow.  App such as Apple Notes and Notability are the best to use. Autodesk Sketch pas is great, but not being able to resize the canvas on the fly needs to be resolved.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging will be important for me, since I got hooked to the feature back in 2015 with my Apple Watch. Apple has been focused on getting rid of cables as they are prone to breaking and are awkward, and a large charging surface for all my iDevices will make this a reality.

Apple has continuously delayed the charging pad “AirPower” and a hope it becomes available with a new iPad, and iPhone this fall.

Doesn’t matter to me…

There are a bunch of technologies that make up an iPad that will be less influenced by in 2018. Speakers, battery, thinness and Screen are features I think the iPad has already perfected. Quadrophonic speakers, bright high resolution display and all-day battery are pretty much standard features at this point. I see removing the home button and rapid inductive charging as much more important to ergonomics than thinness.


Not that the display does not matter, in fact it is probably the most crucial technological feature of the iPad besides the battery. However, I am not hooked on if the display is OLED or LCD. Both will be amazing compared to what I am used to on my iPad Mini 2, iPad Air 2 and my workhorse iPad 2, and they all look and work great for watching video or typing text.


Quadrophonic speakers on the iPad Pro is as good as you’re going to get. Add in a dedicated sub woofer, and you basically have 5.1 surround sound in a tablet. It’s hard to beat that already. Besides, I have a pretty killer sound system for the office using AirPlay, and I have wireless beat headphones when I to make FaceTime Audio calls, etc. Better speakers on the new iPad Pro wouldn’t sway me at all. A pair of Apple HomePods will round out any missing sound.

Water resistance

Water resistance would be a great to have feature. I don’t use my iPad int he pool, but if my hope is to go road warrior with my iPad, not being worried that it’s raining or coffee might spill on it is a bonus. That’s the way I feel when I’m out with my D800, the water seal brings peace of mind.

The Dock

If they’re not adding USB-C, two would be nice, to the new iPad Pro, then I don’t even want to hear this mentioned.

Lightning and Keyboard accessories

When the iPad on screen typing gets annoying, like it is now, I just switch to my Apple wireless keyboard, like I am doing now. I prefer the full length keyboard, but in a pinch I have the regular AA battery powered one that has reasonable key travel and has a familiar typing resistance.


In conclusion, bigger is better for 2018 and bring on the Cameras! I hope I get my wish. We’ll see later this year.


Always a big thanks to my sources for the information and images above. Obviously, if any of the below source object to my use of them as sources, please let me know. As an opinion piece, just know that these words are my own and in no way reflect, endorse or make any representations about other’s works.


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