FAS – Federation of American Scientists NNSA Nuclear Stockpile Stewardship & Management Plan Update

In November of 2017 Hans M. Kristensen of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) released an update to the NNSA’s New Nuclear Stockpile Stewardship and Management Plan.

It is always a good idea to quickly go over the major super powers nuclear stockpiles and policies, especially in light of their aggressive rhetoric about the nuclear ambitious of other countries.

Not only is the size of their nuclear arsenal impressive, it is the diversity and capabilities of these doomsday weapons that boggle the mind.

Recently, with the Russian diversification of their nuclear capabilities sending shockwaves throughout the world in March 2018, it is important to put their claims into perspective, and challenge the notion that we world is in a new Cold War type arms race. I believe if never ended.

The world still remains a pretty dangerous, trigger happy place to live in.



NNSA’s New Nuclear Stockpile Stewardship and Management Plan

BBC World – Russia’s Putin unveils ‘invincible’ nuclear weapons

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