Dyn a security threat?

For a few weeks now, I have been unable to visit DynDNS. My security appliances indicate the following

This site is blocked due to a security threat that was discovered by the Cisco Umbrella security researchers.


At first I thought this was a mistake, probably a badly tagged domain. However, the disclaimer indicates that

Cisco Umbrella security researchers

have blocked the site. I wonder if they mean real people discovered an insidious malware threat on the DynDNS and if they let the administrators over at Dyn know.

I would hope the admins at Dyn check their site regularly for specifically this kind of thing. IP blocks can be checked and removed using the Spamhause project, or setup IP alerts with MXToolbox or other similar services.

However, it’s September 1st and no change in the umbrella disclaimer. Lets hope the admin was just on vacation, because it’s back to school.