Crypto Ledger and Compliance

A number of interesting topic about crypto ledgers and compliance with EU data regulations have emerged over the past few months.

On the negative propaganda side of Crypto we have warnings about investments in crypto. These fall under the category of “get rich quick” schemes. Just about all are a nexus of vapourware initial coin offering (ICO) buyer be ware fraudulent schemes.

On the positive propaganda side of Crypto, we have bitcoin recovering from it’s latest low, new banking entities or technology firms looking to graft blockchain into their latest business scheme or hiring blockchain programmers to fill seats.

Are they really contradictory forces, or a different side of the same coin?

In this present era of Crypto blockchain we are lacking a “google” or “facebook” style app that brings all of these technologies together in what we would call an Enterprise Application.

I have been working on such an application for a couple years now in my spare time called VODE (varied open democracy) over at my startup myDMDi, but it has some ways to go before it will be ready for a demo.


European Parliament

Financial Times Immutable Ledgers



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