Crypto Blockchain 2018

It is now 2018 and the crypto currency and blockchain technology world of 2017 is securely behind us…

But that doesn’t mean the blockchain ride us over. Followers of the crypto evolution will note that we are going through another calm period before the next storm. You may be saying right now, “This is calm?”. I expect the next crypto storms will happen in the following way this year:

  1. Tax season – February, March. Depends on the country or how complex your taxes are, but Tax season is when people realize they have money to burn, have to spend money to reduce their tax burden, or people try to move money around. This will put another strain on the Blockchain as transaction volume surges.
  2. Spring/Summer boredom. This is a more fluid time of the year. Blockchain volume will depend on laziness or focus of programmers and hedge fund owners. It is a time after the tax season when refunds and next year tax planning is over and people can get back to work.  For programmers they start planning the next way to mess/fix stuff up and hedge fund managers are ready to make moves in or out of specific cryptos.
  3. Summer – Nothing much happens because who wants to be in front of their computer in the summer. But this is just for the northern hemisphere. Those in the southern hemisphere (Australia, lots of Asian countries) may stir up volumes during their winter months. Look for policy and programming changes here.
  4. August/September in North America is always nuts! You might see some movement here, but its back to work, back to school and usually everyone waits for October/November.

Those are my predictions for 2018. I may be wrong given moves by the payment and financial industries throughout 2018. However I expect market cap moves around tax seasons and in October, while programming and policy changes will happen during the summer months (northern hemisphere).

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