The world's first supercomputer on a module, Jetson TX1

The promise NVIDIA Jetson TX1 is a promising piece of hardware. It is designed to accelerate the development of AI cognition. This not only includes self-driving vehicles, but drones and robotic systems as well. In much the same way GPGPU complimented the CPU, humans will gain a tremendous boost in productivity from machine learning AI systems. The Module For the GPU developer, The Jetson is a supercomputer module the size of a credit card. It consists of a 256 core NVIDIA CUDA processor built in the NVIDIA Maxwell architecture. Jetson combines 64-bit CPUs, deep learning algorithms, computer vision processing and GPU computation in an embedded form factor. The Kit The Jetson comesRead More →

Quote: “As I often say, the best laid plans won’t get you laid the way you planned. “ -Adam J. Fyall – Greenhouse Effect (2009)Read More →