Intel CPU

The Hype If you are in the security industry, then you probably heard about the security flaws in our most fundamental integrated circuits and semi-conductors from large reputable firms. None of the explanation make much sense, since they are purposefully obfuscated so as not to exacerbate the situation. However, this causes some problem for those trying to figure out how severe the issue actually is. The Flaw Claims are circulating that modern computers will need to be complete redesigned to patch the flaw. Firefox 57 (the latest) includes a fix, as do the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Edge for Windows 10. Google saysRead More →

It’s now January 2018, and I hope to publish a “Security Centre” bulletin once a month throughout 2018. In these bulletins, I am listing just the top security threats this domain has seen over the last month. It will include roughly the following metrics: Top Country source of known threats and the number of events. The Top known threats and the number of occurrences. The top threats for December 2017 seem to still be OpenSSL heartbleed (stealing private keys), Apache struts vulnerability (think Equifax) and WordPress plugin compromises. Top country threats for December 2017 seems to be the United Kingdom, followed some ways back byRead More →