“Government likes to convince the people that they’re in charge and everything is under control and we’ll take care of you — and that’s not true,” Dr. Morrow said of the crisis. “You’re mostly going to experience this on your own.” – Dr. Scott MorrowRead More →

Quote form: ““Women look up to men in our society. A single woman may have a wonderful career, children even, but would still be perceived as unfulfilled without a man, no matter how bad he is. So girls or women grab on to their men who go [to the Middle East], even if they don’t understand the ideology behind it all,” she said. Quoted: Varvara Karaulova Source:Read More →

A number of interesting topic about crypto ledgers and compliance with EU data regulations have emerged over the past few months. On the negative propaganda side of Crypto we have warnings about investments in crypto. These fall under the category of “get rich quick” schemes. Just about all are a nexus of vapourware initial coin offering (ICO) buyer be ware fraudulent schemes. On the positive propaganda side of Crypto, we have bitcoin recovering from it’s latest low, new banking entities or technology firms looking to graft blockchain into their latest business scheme or hiring blockchain programmers to fill seats. Are they really contradictory forces, orRead More →

The iPad March 27th, 2018, Apple held an education focused event at Lane Tech College Prop High School, in Chicago. I suggest you have a look at the keynote over at Apple’s website if you missed it. The long and short of it, is that Apple released an updated iPad with Apple Pencil support and a renewed focus on teachers and students. Apple hardware and software focused squarely at the middle class price opint. I believe Apple aims to bridge the way teachers and students use devices outside the classroom, to modernize teaching. The iPad price point and pencil suppose being critical to that access.Read More →

In November of 2017 Hans M. Kristensen of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) released an update to the NNSA’s New Nuclear Stockpile Stewardship and Management Plan. It is always a good idea to quickly go over the major super powers nuclear stockpiles and policies, especially in light of their aggressive rhetoric about the nuclear ambitious of other countries. Not only is the size of their nuclear arsenal impressive, it is the diversity and capabilities of these doomsday weapons that boggle the mind. Recently, with the Russian diversification of their nuclear capabilities sending shockwaves throughout the world in March 2018, it is important to put their claimsRead More →