Bonjour and Windows 10 build 1703 Creators Update

I have had a string of hangs and sudden reboots using Bonjour and Windows 10 build 1703 Creators Update.

There have been as many as 6 sudden hangs and reboots since I upgraded my Windows 10 OS about a week ago. Previously I have not had a single incident of sudden hang and reboot.  I applied throubleshooting skills 101, and ask myself “what was the last thing that changed”, and there was only one thing – Windows 10 update! Blast! Could it be that the new update broke something and I don’t know how to perform a roll back on Windows 10… yet. I wasn’t until I checked the “Event Viewer” that I discovered the real culprit: Bonjour also known as mDNS.


There are two programs on my Windows 10 machine that use Bonjour, iTunes and Airvideo HD Server. Whenever those two programs access the service, it generates an Error which can be seen in the Event Viewer.

Right now I am not sure what the exact issue is, or how to solve it besides uninstalling Bonjour for Windows v2.0.2.  The issue could be as simple as a firewall rule or user access rights constraints, which I can change myself. Or more complex like a system or API call no longer being support, in which case I would have to wait for an update from Apple.

In any event, this is the first issue I’ve had with my Dell Aurora R5 and Windows 10 Creators Update, which happens to be all Apple’s fault.  So I will wait on news of a fix, or if other’s have had this issue and fixed it. I will also try a bunch of fixes in my spare time and update this post if I find a solution.

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