Abinyah Walker

Philosophy, Technocracy & the Law


Philsophy, literally "love of wisdom", is a life long pursuit. Exercising rational inquiries into areas outside theological dogma, science, and apply them to both.


Technocracy is the idea that governance is best established by decision-makers who hold technological knowledge of the subject matter.


I am an award winning photographer with over 15 years of experience in landscape, sport and portrait photography.  85mm.ca is my online gallery.


As a pre-law student in my undergrad, I focused on Business Administrative Law and the impact e-commerce and copyright had on it's interpretation. I completed a certificate in Business Adminstrative Law in Canada at the University of Toronto and my first year of law at the California School of Law. I know one day I will spend most of my time in its service.

What I'm Working On

There are so many points of interest that intersect. I choose the technologies, practices and skills that compliment each other best. Here are a list of just some of those interests over the last 5 years.

							    Apple Teacher

As an Apple Teacher I aim to create better learning experiences for my students. Follow @AppleEDU on Twitter and train to become an Apple Teacher too.

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Mentorship and ching

There is nothing more important than the next generation. I act as an Assistant Organizer of Code and Coffee Vancouver (link) and as the Organizer for the Regina chapter of Code and Coffee Regina (link).

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Virtualization Sciences

I am a virtualization and virtual systems expert with over 15 years of experince with VMWare vSphere, XenSever, AWS, Azure, VDI and GRID Computing. I built a VMWare Hyperconverged datacentre for Casting Workbook in 2015 and a GRID powered VDI datacentre in 2014. Experienced at DDoS mitigation, VoIP, BGP, fibre distributed networks, and firewall configuration.

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Enterpsie Architect - Advanced Systems Computing Architectural Design (ASCAD)

Now abreviated as Enterprise Architect, I continue to prusue architecting advanced computing systems using the lastest computing technolgies.

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Photography and Videography

My first passion is the Art of photography. However I have experience in video post production since the take 90's using Adobe Premiere on a PowerMac 9500(? it was a long time ago)

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Solar Autonomous Computing (SAC)

Solar panels, charge controllers and IoT devices. High performance computing is moving to the edge of the Grid. Led by low power, high performance devices delivering millions of data points.  From drones to remote sensing devices big data scale is only the beginning of the Solar Revolution.

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IoT - Internet of Things

IoT is the connecting of all things to the TCP/IP protocol - the backbone of the Internet. Bulding new human computer interfaces to tackle the needs of the previous and future generations is the burden of the IoT engineer. I accept.

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VR - Virtual Reality

Ever since my first experince with developer edition of the Oculus Gear VR I've been hooked on the potential of VR for interactivity and education. I continue to resaerch the VR space for education.

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